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dream prediction number 6263 19 january 2015 1 dreams brian ladd36 views todayThis is a health and happiness dream cure and it's based on the iron in your blood and the earths magnetic field. Since we are using magnetic north (and this changes) you need a compass. The DD is simple, sleep with you head pointed toward the degrees in this DD, it's based on sex and age.
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Dream number 8922 27 June 2017 4 by Brian Ladd36 views todayNot exactly sure of the date of this one we're by posted it yet,something about bright lights in the sky either way it hasn't happened yet. - Dream number 8922 27 June 2017 4s
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Russian spy ship The Viktor Leonov and The Nikolay Chiker Donald Trump 2017 236 views todayRussian spy ship The Viktor Leonov and The Nikolay Chiker have been in direct communication with Donald Trump Jr. since 2014. Follow the ship’s location and Mr. Trump’s charity events, there is no way this is a coincidence. More important that Trump Jr, look at Mike Pence’s location during these 12 events since 2014.
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Dream number 11028 5 September 2018 1 psychic prediction36 views todayThese are winning Mega Million lottery numbers for December 11th, 2018 draw, notice the number of 5's and how often they appear in September, October and November 18 drawings. 5, 25, 15, 50, 9 bonus 3 - Dream number 11028 5 September 2018 1
Dream number 11116 29 September 2018 2 psychic prediction36 views todayMadeleine McCain' remains found, Praia de Luz beach of light - Dream number 11116 29 September 2018 2
Missing woman Sarah Stern is alive and living in a 2 bedroom trailer in Brick New Jerse Dream number 11134 5 October 2018 2 psychic prediction36 views todaySarah Stern boyfriend, by Brick Township Highschool

Died: December 2016, New Jersey
Parents: Carla Stern, Michael Stern

The attorney for the man accused of killing of Sarah Stern, his 19-year-old childhood friend, and dumping her body off a Jersey Shore bridge in 2016 plans to challenge the findings of the state's expert on water tides.

Neither the prosecutor nor murder suspect Liam McAtasney's defense attorney would say what the expert has said or plans to say during his testimony. However, Stern's body was never recovered, despite a massive search effort on land and in the Shark River inlet in the days following her disappearance.

Monmouth Prosecutor Christopher Gramiccioni said during a press conference early last year that Stern's body may have been carried out to sea by swift tides in the Shark River inlet.

McAtasney, 20, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of Stern. He's accused of strangling her, then throwing her body off the Route 35 bridge in early December 2016 to make it appear as if she had committed suicide, authorities have said.

McAtasney's attorney, Carlos Diaz-Cobo of New Brunswick, said in a brief status conference in court on Monday that he plans to file a motion to dispute the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office's witness on water tides, Hugh Roarty, a research project manager for the Rutgers University Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences.

Diaz-Cobo's motion is due on Friday. He declined to comment after the court hearing as to what he plans to argue.
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