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Dream number 12541 3 January 2020 1 psychic prediction7 views todayDulce Maria Alavez found, am 16th, numbers.
Dream number 12552 5 January 2020 2 psychic prediction7 views todayIran and North Korea are responsible for the upcoming SpaceX disaster (3 of them) it takes the loss of 2 people before they finally figure out that their contractor is a DPRK agent, and their 'painter' is a spy.
Dream number 12561 7 January 2020 2 psychic prediction7 views todayYou did this.
Dream number 12582 11 January 2020 1 psychic prediction7 views todayHarley Dilly was here? look again, the item is here, police find this item.

(same as past dreams, will try again tonight for more...I will also be posting new dreams every day until Harley comes home to his family)
Dream number 12595 14 January 2020 5 psychic prediction7 views todayWinning Australia National Lotteries Saturday Lotto numbers, Charlotte will be rich forever, use members key .
Dream number 12602 16 January 2020 3 psychic prediction7 views todayDiamond Head, his sister knows when, soon, gas, 8087373284, red car.
Dream number 12608 18 January 2020 4 psychic prediction7 views today188.269 g gods color is green 188.269 g is the weight of gods soul.
Dream number 12620 22 January 2020 2 psychic prediction7 views todayTrain crash in 4 more days.
Dream number 12630 24 January 2020 1 psychic prediction7 views todayFire January 29th
Dream number 12632 25 January 2020 1 psychic prediction7 views todayA major fire happens on live tv.
Dream number 12638 26 January 2020 5 psychic prediction7 views todayFives and twos Australia Powerball?
Dream number 12655 30 January 2020 6 psychic prediction7 views todayJoshua Vallow missing boy found here (this is about 2 missing children Tylee and Joshua Vallow and their biological mother Lori Vallow. This is an odd case and I did my best to produce a search map. There was no anger or hate in this dream, there was also death... :( I will open a case tomorrow, 1-31-2020 and will post anything else I get at https://briansprediction.com/vallow
Dream number 12661 31 January 2020 2 psychic prediction7 views todayChurch burns again.
Dream number 12666 1 February 2020 3 psychic prediction7 views todayFebruary 2010 helicopter crash, numbers.
Dream number 12665 1 February 2020 2 psychic prediction7 views todaySuperEnaLotto lottery numbers for this month, February 2020.
Dream number 12667 1 February 2020 4 psychic prediction7 views todayKiller, he used rope (this young man will become very popular for something unthinkable) number.
Dream number 12669 2 February 2020 2 psychic prediction7 views todayForsythia root, not the flower must be grown aeroponically in 1500 ppm solution boil dried roots for 10 hours, reduce by 90% drink cold (no idea if this translation is correct, and I'm assuming this is still about the current coronavirus situation)


Dream number 12692 5 February 2020 2 psychic prediction7 views todayThis dream hurt my brain....really, have you ever felt your brain was being overloaded with information? well...there is an AMAZING reason for this and you NEED to know how to do it and how it can CURE almost any issue in your life...go to https://sellfy.com/briansprediction
Dream number 12693 5 February 2020 3 psychic prediction7 views todayDon't lie to your cells, teach them... you're supposed to eat until your full. if doing so makes you fat, your DIET is killing you. meat and nuts is all? no processed food, teach your cells not to die! The 'cell teaching stuff' is explained an demonstrated in my subliminal audio programs at https://sellfy.com/briansprediction

This works on the same principle as teaching virus cells in y9our body. A virus that dies when it kills its host is stupid...if this virus knew it was committing suicide, it would change it programming...this, the cell-reprogramming subliminal audio series that I have been working on for 11 years! To try this, visit https://sellfy.com/briansprediction
Dream number 12688 3 February 2020 5 psychic prediction7 views todayMexico US Border, bats are everywhere. (sky was black)
Dream number 12718 11 February 2020 2 psychic prediction7 views todayThe drugs you're taking are fake.
Dream number 12719 11 February 2020 3 psychic prediction7 views todayUS Attorney General William Barr's hospitalization was not heart-related, it was an 'order' from Donald Trump from a restaurant in Florida. This is after his resignation and the 'illegal tweet'?
Dream number 12729 14 February 2020 4 psychic prediction7 views todayParker, see him, parker.
Dream number 12736 15 February 2020 5 psychic prediction7 views todayFrom 4 d's on February 15th 2020, case opened 2/16/2020

Triangles everywhere, JJ and Tylee found in the same container? Lori arrested, suicide in cell 12, lives next door, tatoo, police where there, here, rusted wire, triangles This is about missing Tylee Ryan and J.J. Vallow the adults in question are Lori Vallow and Chad Daybel, they can be found at this location. Brian

more at https://briansprediction.com/tylee

case info

Police seem to be no closer to finding 7-year-old Joshua “JJ” Vallow and 17-year-old Tylee Ryan than they were when this story began months ago.

Since that time, the story has gained international attention as it’s taken twists and turns involving a purported cult, dead spouses, delusions of divinity and preparing for the end of the world. Despite all the angles, and the ever-growing number of people related to the case, the facts remain essentially the same as when it was first announced.

The two children remain missing and the parents, Lori (Vallow) Daybell, and her new husband, Chad Daybell, refuse to disclose their whereabouts to police. Both have been named persons of interest in the disappearance of the children. Law enforcement is also investigating the deaths of the Daybells’ previous respective spouses, Charles Vallow and Tammy Daybell, though neither Chad nor Lori have been named suspects in those cases.
Dream number 12740 16 February 2020 4 psychic prediction7 views todayExplosion and massive fire this Wednesday, February 19th, 2020.
Dream number 12739 16 February 2020 3 psychic prediction7 views todayJohn Henry 1404209832.
Dream number 12746 18 February 2020 1 psychic prediction7 views todayVERMONT.
Dream number 12751 19 February 2020 1 psychic prediction7 views todayThe single act of waiting 60 seconds before you eat will make you happier and healthier, try this today?
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