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Missing Madeleine McCann psychic reading by Brian Ladd 2006 to 2018 new information posted page 29Madeline vanished on May 3, 2007, when her family, from Leicestershire, were holidaying in the Algarve, Portugal.
Parents Gerry and Kate left their three children – including toddler twins Sean and Amelie – sleeping in their apartment while they dined at a tapas bar - 120 meters away. When Kate returned to check on the kids at around 10pm that evening, she discovered that Maddie was not in her bed and was missing.

In September of that year, Gerry and Kate, both doctors, were sensationally named as ‘arguidos’ by Portuguese police. The following summer the McCanns were cleared by investigators in Portugal who declared they had exhausted all avenues in the case.

Madeleine McCann case opened 5.1.2018: I would like to take the credit for this but I can't. I will be in SOTHERN SPAIN as a guest of the Portuguese government. I deeply apologize to ALL law enforcement agencies in Spain, Portugal and the UK for what I said in the past. I also appreciate the opportunity to find out exactly what happened to Madeline McCann and that I was the FIRST AND ONLY outsider to be told about what was found on May 2nd, 2018 PDL beach search. There will be a live feed posted when I arrive if you wish to witness this MAJOR event visit: https://briansprediction.com/madeleine
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warnin205ennifer H12/13/2007 04:34 PM

Check this out people are thinking this is Amy Bradley, the girl that went missing in 1998 from a Cruise Ship after leaving Aruba. People are thinking she was involved in a sex trade. Is this her if she is alive she has been gone for toooo long. It is ridiculous that she is alive and her family has to miss her. I need your help please do this as soon as you can its been long enough.

Iva and Ron received a picture via e-mail from a sender who wishes to remain anonymous.

Dr. Phil says, "I want to show you this picture of who may very well be Amy Bradley seven years after her disappearance. Now I want to emphasize that we discussed whether we should show this picture on the air with former FBI profiler Clint Van Zandt who has worked on many kidnapping cases. Now, Ron and Clint both agree that because this is the first lead that they've had in nearly eight years, he and Iva would like to show this picture in case this young woman is indeed Amy. Now, we have had top forensic artist experts in the country look at these pictures, and they say that it is possible that it could be Amy.

"I'll tell you what. Why don't we go through the features that the experts have picked out? Now first we want to look at the cheekbones here. And what they do is they measure things that don't change in time." Dr. Phil points out similarities in her cheekbones, her hairline, her chin, and even a mark that Iva pointed out, a freckle below her eye.

"Do you believe that could be your daughter?" Dr. Phil asks Iva.

"I believe it could be Amy," she responds.


Hi, thanks for this...I think the FBI has a way to determine if this is her not...if it is, then it could be possible she was taken to the same place Natalee Holloway was...this Frog Legs place in Columbia.


Brian we need to speak! You are right and we are almost certain that Natalee is in Columbia!!

Why didn't she just call home?



Hi, glad to hear this...not sure, if she was abducted into the sex trade, she maybe embarrassed to call home...and the longer she stays away, the more difficult it is to do.

Anyway, I hope you guys locate her...even if she does not want to be located...and I'm willing to help in any way I can, but I do not need credit nor can I accept reward money...just find her :)



Hi Brian,

Didn't know if you had heard the news, but Aruban authorities have officially closed the Natalee Holloway case...

Just thought you might want to update the page on her... My hope is that she will still be found through the efforts of other individuals, like yourself.



Thanks Rachel, they mat have closed the case but it's still open for me, and I do have a reader checking out this location in Columbia for me. Hopefully I will know something soon.


Hi Brian,

I'm glad that you haven't closed the case. I think it's a shame really, but perhaps your reader will be able to shed new light on the case. I do hope she is still alive, like you have suggested.

Thanks again for all that you do!

Happy Holidays,



You're welcome and same to you and yours :)


ORANJESTAD, ARUBA -- Aruban prosecutors announced Tuesday that the case into Natalee Holloway's disappearance is now closed.

The Alabama teen disappeared in Aruba during a class trip to the island back in May of 2005.

Today, prosecutors said that the three men who were last seen with Holloway have all been notified that they will not be charged.

A spokesperson says Natalee's mother, Beth Twitty, is "deeply disappointed" that the case is closed, after being hopeful over the past few weeks that new evidence had surfaced.

In their statement, prosecutors say they still believe the three men are involved in Holloway's disappearance, but cannot prove a crime was committed because her body was never found


To say the least! Especially the stuff about Natalee Holloway and
Jennifer Kesse. You said you had someone researching the Columbia
location. Heard from him? Is he in Columbia? Has anyone located the
buildings described in the Kesse viewings? If I had the means,I check
your stuff out.


Hi, no I have not, but that doesn't necessarily mean she has not been spotted. I'm not sure of the locations of my readers, but I'm guessing they live in the area.

I'm not sure about the last question.



The Fat Lady Sang For FOX's Greta Van Susteren Last Night
By Dayo Gould
Apr. 5,2006

FOX’s Greta Van Susteren,whose entertaining show,On The Record,has been
the source for much of the air time allocated over the last 12
interminable calendar months to Beth Reynolds Holloway-Twitty ((the
media-maven-loving mother of the missing Natalee Holloway),had the great
good fortune last night to interview Joran van der Sloot’s New York
City-based lawyer,Mr. Joseph Tacopina.

Mr. Tacopina,never one to mince words or to leave dunces in doubt about
their dumbness,quite happily hammered home his latest findings,which
originated from the Tacopina Coffin Nail Factory:

There is irrefutable proof (from the Holiday Inn’s keylog records) that
Natalee Holloway’s Holiday Inn room was accessed 3 times on the morning
of the vanishing (at around 1:30 a.m. and twice around 3:30 a.m.) by a
keycard assigned to Natalee Holloway,showing that she may have retrieved
her keycard from the individual who had used it at 1:26 a.m.; and she
therefor may very well have accessed her room at 3:30 a.m. after
returning from the Marriott Beach where she was left by the innocent
Joran van der Sloot.

Mr Tacopina is now in possession of a witness statement given to the
ALE,attesting that the witness “knows Natalee was in her room after 3
a.m.”; which fully supports that decisive on-air statement made by
Frances Ellen Byrd,11 months earlier.

On June 2,2005,MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough interviewed trip participant
Frances Ellen Byrd in Mountain Brook,as follows:

Joe Scarborough : Let me ask you,Frances Ellen,when is the last time you
saw her?
Frances Ellen Byrd: That night.
Scarborough : Yes, you saw her the night...
Byrd: I was with her that night.
Scarborough : You were with her that night.
Byrd: Yes. Yes.
Scarborough : All the friends went back to the hotel. And did you all
see her go back to the hotel or not?
Byrd: I am just leaving it that we saw her there.
Scarborough : Saw her that night.
Byrd: Right.
Mountain Brook youth minister: Yes. Absolutely”

Further questioning was derailed by the interjections of a Mountain
Brook minder,a youth pastor (Mark Yoder),who was not a trip participant
and therefore could not have had any first-hand knowledge of the
clarification which the interviewer had just received.

While the following is not a coffin nail of Joe’s manufacture,it does
suck a bit of wind out of the HMI sails,as it suggests that articles,
worn or carried by Natalee and shown on the C&C’s video tapes,may have
been removed from Aruba,though recognized now as being ‘evidence’.

A Dutch TV program was on Aruba last week,re-enacting the night of the
vanishing,and the producers attempted to create as much authenticity as
possible by using whatever was on hand that directly related to the
events which occured on that evening (Deepak Kalpoe’s car was
confiscated by the ALE for the filming).

Ms. Twitty made a most-curious on-air comment about the television
production, ‘hoping they (the ALE) don’t use the evidence I sent them’.
‘Evidence’ would seemingly have to be something that was on Aruba,
something that was taken from Aruba, and which was then was returned to

What might constitute ‘evidence’ (taken off island and then returned)
which could tie into the C&C’s video tape? Clothing or Nat’s cell phone
come immediately to mind; however, how could these items get into the
mother’s possession, if Natalee never returned to the Holiday Inn after
being left by Joran at the Marriott Beach?

If one follows this through logically, the easiest way for the mother to
obtain articles which her daughter wore or carried on that C&C evening
(confirmed by C&C's video footage), and which may have been those
returned to the ALE, would be for her to have had them on hand in
Mountain Brook.

If the mother had these items in her possession, then that would be
further proof that Natalee did come back to the Holiday Inn, as she
would have gone to her hotel room, changed into different clothes, and
then the discarded C&C articles would be packed into Natalee's suitcase
by Nat or the room mates and eventually taken back to MB by the mother.

There now appears to be a rue-filled collective outpouring of repressed
memory by a selective coterie of MB trip participants (more on this
later); whether this has evolved into direct communication with Mr.
Tacopina remains to be seen.

Much has been made, over the last 12 months, of the unsettling focus and
drive of Ms. Twitty and her hangers-on (some called her the Energizer
Mother); it now seems that what may have motivated her was a refusal to
accept facts, and perhaps an extreme case of obsessive compulsive

A word to the wise to the good folks behind International Safe Travels
Foundation: inasmuch as this made-for-the-media mystery is seemingly
unravelling rapidly and is in such a state of flux, might you not want
to consider disconnecting the ‘make a donation’ link on your website?
Save yourself from yourself, as some malcontents might end up asking for
Natalee Holloway And The Holiday Inn

By Dayo Gould
Apr. 12, 2006

FOX’s Greta Van Susteren put the proverbial boots to Beth
Holloway-Twitty’s donation-directed assaults upon the van der Sloot and
Kalpoe families when she aired, on her April 11 show, an over-the-phone
interview with Julia Renfrow, the well-respected editor of the Aruba
Today newspaper.

Ms. Renfow related, to a momentarily speechless Greta, that she had
recently viewed a video tape filmed by a Holiday Inn security camera at
about 3:15 a.m. on May 30, 2005. The camera, angled to provide coverage
of the front-desk area, captured images of a young girl (wearing the
same outfit as the one which Natalee Holloway had on in the C&C’s videos
taken a couple of hours earlier) who has a remarkably similar hair style
and gait to the missing Natalee and who is afflicted with her
distinctive nose and figure (unflatteringly commented upon by the

This video,which has been in the possession of the ALE since June 1,had
purportedly been previously shown in June to Natalee’s birth father,
Dave Holloway,who was unable to confirm whether or not it was his
daughter,and to Natalee’s mother who,despite the clothing,shoes,
distinctively large nose and small chest,denied that it was her daughter
who had been caught on tape by the hotel’s security camera.

A picture speaks a thousand words; yet we also have thousands of words
to buttress this tape of the reappeared daughter,who did not disappear
from the Marriott Beach,but from the supposedly safe embrace of the
Holiday inn,where she was ensconced with 120 Mountain Brook grads and a
gaggle of myopic or obtuse non-chaperoning chaperones

Statements have recently surfaced from two Holiday Inn security guards
who attest to Ms. Holloway’s presence on the premises after 3:00 a.m. on
the morning in question; the Holiday Inn’s keylock system recorded two
entries, using the keycard issued to Ms. Holloway, at around 3:30 that
morning; and a rather unsavoury local resident has suggested that he
viewed Ms. Holloway in her room, also after 3:00 a.m.

The enigmatic answer of Ms. Frances Ellen Byrd now becomes clear: she
did indeed see Natalee in the hallways of the Holiday Inn after the
young Aruban, Joran van der Sloot, left her on the beach in front of the
Marriott hotel. Ms. Byrd, who comes from a fine, upstanding Southern
family, obviously wrestled with her conscience while HMI used her
reticence with words to parlay the mystery into tens of millions in
donated dollars.

And also aired tonight was the Dutch-filmed re-enactment of the
vanishing timeframe,put together in the hopes that some viewers’
memories might be jogged by the events,locales,materials and individuals
recreated as close to reality as was possible.

My memory wasn’t just jogged; it was jolted and jarred. WHAT!! In the
opening scenes,Natalee Holloway was shown passing through the Aruban
customs area,accompanied by a large black suitcase on rollers
(containing a purple duffel bag). Yet,when the media-maven-loving mother
showed us the contents of what was purported to be Natalee’s Holiday Inn
room,there was no large black suitcase,only the duffel,which was passed
off as being the sole item of luggage taken to Aruba by the daughter.

This was a re-enactment,as true-to-life as was possible. IMO,if the
rolling black suitcase is shown in the re-enactment,then there was one
brought to Aruba by the now-missing daughter. Where is it and what
happened to it?

Was it jettisoned (and why would anyone do that?); was it used for
nefarious purposes (stuffed full of body parts?); was it stolen (and why
would anyone do that,and why wouldn't Beth report that theft as another
indignity heaped upon her pointy little head by unkind Aruba?); or was
Nat sitting beside it last night,watching the re-enactment?

Take your pick: however,the fact that HMI seems to have attempted to
cover up the existence of that suitcase means that its absence is likely
mighty relevant.

However,absent no longer is visual proof showing Natalee Holloway back
in the lobby of the Holiday Inn at 3:15 a.m. on May 30, 2005.
About the author: Dayo Gould is a frequent visitor to Aruba, and is a
volunteer ESL teacher in a Christian school.
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5441 p6It means McCanns. They should check the room under the hotell. Shes there!!!
The numbers are: roomnumber 272, its the first room you see when you come in. People who lived there are involved. McCanns lived truly in roomnumber 125. Check it out!
DD5589 Its the Hotell in Portugal, where Madeleine was in holiday.



Hi Liza, will post this information, do you have a picture of room 272 and 125?


hi Brian don't know if you know but English have cracked paedophile gang sorry cant spell .700 suspects 31 children found and it was communication with 35 countries .main suspect had video shop .and another was setting up a site for those horrible creachers logged on to .great British result .200 out the 700 are in England thought you should know .also I think ref madee gangsters are involved that's why I think Portugal authorities are involved as well take care Gary .


Hi, thanks, this actually might in some way be tied to this case...the first RV I did on this said

"RS police already have the kidnapper - he does this for a living - they know and are trying to find others"

so it does seem to make sense.



hi brian, its just beeen anounced madeliene could be in Malta, people have reported she was wearing an odd black wig,

Maybe this may be what this rv is



Hi Carolyn, I do not think so, but I'm wrong all the time...and hopefully she is there, safe and found soon.



Brian how are you any chance you could do a rv on madee you haven't done any for ages I know you were asked to not do it but how do you know if genuine my be someone not wanting you to help find her unless you know it was genuine cold you please do another one I have a friend of friend out their who's going to have a look ref 272 and tennis court 6 thanks Gary .I have also had lots of dreams on this case



Yes I will and and will also post anything I get. If you can, try and remember what you saw in your dreams and possibly draw and send them to me. I'm being overwhelmed with with email from case number 398 right now, after I finished attempting answering some of these emails I will begin, may take me an hour or so to clear my head.

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cross beach of lightBrian Ladd of Brians Dreams - www.briansprediction.com Brian Ladd of Brians Dreams - www.briansprediction.com
When I googled for Lagos and 26a I came to this website:
It is a map of lagos with shops and restaurants. 26a could mean the number of the shop which is located on the square rua marquez pombal.
Brian Ladd of Brians Dreams - www.briansprediction.com
Strange enough this square seems to have a cross in the middle.
Could this be the cross you drew?
Brian Ladd of Brians Dreams - www.briansprediction.com
Hopefully this is any help to finding little Madeleine.
Best regards
Daan Cuhfus
The Netherlands
Hi, yes I think this is correct and will post this new information ASAP.
Hopefully this is any help to finding little Madeleine.
Best regards
Daan Cuhfus
The Netherlands
Hi, yes I think this is correct and will post this new information ASAP.
Anything else that could help with finding Maddy or indeed Ben needham, little boy from 1991 same circumstances?
Hi, working on the Ben case right now.
praia de luz where the resort is means beach of light -
Praia da Luz is a lovely picturesque fishing village, positioned around a large bay, with a wonderful soft, sandy beach. Literally translated, Praia da Luz means Beach of Light, and dates back to Moorish times, when beacons were lit to warn fishermen at sea of the approaching danger from the savage Moors.
Bring Madeleine back
Kay x
Thanks, posted.
Hi Brian,
I am in the UK and was stunned by the accuracy of your dreams relating to the abduction of Madeleine McCann.
I have given web link for the pages on your website showing your sketches and comments about this case to Crimestoppers in UK in the hope it could provide crucial clues as to her whereabouts.
Please dont give up on this one as people worldwide are desperate for this little girl to be found and returned safely to her parents. If you have any more dreams concerning this please post them on your website asap.
Many thanks and all the best
Diane B.
Hi, thanks and I will not.
Dear Brian,
Please keep up the good work and don't listen to any
negative comments from others. You are truly blessed
and may God help you find this precious little girl.
Love to you and God bless,
London, UK
Hi Sherry, you too and thanks, and I don't :)
PS Bearing in mind present enquiries. The squiggle on your crosses could indicate a metaphorical 'snake' disguised as good.
Rob E
Dear Brian
I'm forwarding any visions I get to you as well as the psychic I'm working with.
I don't know whether this will help but I feel I should.
I understand your burden.
Rob E
Think I'm learning how to see and record since I visited Brian's site.
I realise now that when I go for a nap and lie down with eyes shut. There comes a point when I realise I'm asleep without knowing I actually fell asleep and that what I am seeing is not me (if it is then not at that time) (almost like I'm intruding in someones vision) (this has been prompting me to wake up suddenly and forget dreams) however, I'm learning to hold the vision there for longer. I'vbe had a couple of 10-15 min naps and here's what I've recorded (Attached).
I think I'll get more today. I'm concentrating on thinking of Madeliene , even trying to step inside her form to see what she is seeing. Though this may not necessarily be the case.
Hi Brian,
Has anyone from crimestoppers contacted you about the information? Why hasn't your dream drawing been in the papers?
Hi Michelle, no, not that I know of...from past experience the media does not report on 'psychic' work...well at least mine.
Hi Brian,
Thought you might like to know, the gates in your first drawing bear an uncanny resemblance to the gates outside Casa Liliana, the home of Robert Murat.
Let's hope Madeleine is found safe and well soon.
Thanks, will post this information.
Sorry Brian,
I wrote a few minutes ago to say about "PT" in the zip codes, and forgot to put the case number and a link to show what I meant.
Apologies, you must get so many e-mails without me confusing the issue.
D.S (UK)
Thanks, will post this.
Dear Brian
I only discovered your site today.
I've been working on the Madeleleine McCann case with another psychic.
A couple of days ago I was 'led' to this location based on a distance of 10 miles for a dead line for the escaping kidnappers to come off a main road in the scenario of an escape by sea. We believe that overnight or for a few hours the kidnappers would need a safe point. I actually found this lonely property in a remarkable way with the help of my cat and it was quite bizarre how I was led directly to it.
Looking at your drawings now, I see one which looks quite similar - it is the one with the words
"beach of light / go there, ocean sign trash V rocks, 26A"
The little square box you've drawn below the road to the sea looks like it could be the property in question?
However, If it does look familiar to you I do have to question the possibility that this vision could actually have come from this very viewing of this google map? You will be the best to judge.
Here is a google map link to the place in question
I've also attached some drawings of a sleeping vision I had the night before or after the story broke. I was convinced they were connected to this case and as a result contacted a psychic through the psychic guild website
many regards
I think you are remarkable
Thanks, will post this information ASAP.
This little girl is still missing. I believe the couple that alegedly have her would like to give her back, maybe they don't know how. Can you shed any more light on this ? There has been a possible sighting in a petrol station. This is getting desperate. She is to be 4 years old tomorrow. She's been gone since Thursday night (3rd May). Please help Brian, she is so young ... I have sent you another e-mail, as not sure how to contact you.
May you be right in your prediction that she will be reunited with her parents and siblings.
(mother to a four year old girl too)
Hi Sophia, have post my latest RV and yes, I still believe she will be home soon...and safe.
Hi Brian
I just seen been on your website and seen the drawings you had seen of Madeleine McCann's information of her abductors you quoted that the kidnapper works in a hotel Ref PT. Could that be the
Pensao Tarouca Hotel
Rua 25 de abril 37, 6230-340 Fundao.
Let me know your thoughts
HI Rachel, sorry for the delay, will post this information...as I'm not sure.
Thank you so much for doing another RV on this little girl i have again sent your link to sky news..
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE never stop doing this great work!!
Hi Vanessa, will do...and I will not...just wish I had some help in doing this sort of thing.
Hi Brian,
 Thanks for being you.
 You mentioned "Safe" in your dream sketch. Could the "Safe" actually be "Fafe" a city in Portugal?  I found a list of Portugal's city names in Wikipedia and searched for cities/town that might contain the word or parts of the word "Safe" and found there is a town located in the north with that name.
Could that be where she is?
 Take care,
Hi, not sure, it might be possible. The first sketches were from a dream....I usually do not remember dreams, but the follow up RV's seem to confirm she is safe.
Dear Brian, I am new to this site and am absolutely amazed! I also wanted to ask more info from you with regard the the dream you have had about missing 4 year old Madeleine McCann in Portugal. They have arrested a man that lives around 100yards from where Madeleine was last seen alive. Below is a link to an image of this man, who claims that he has been made a scapegoat because the police are under so much pressure from the Portuguese government to get a result. I know that you are very busy but I would be most grateful if you could use the link below to look at his image and see if you think he is involved in anyway or in fact if the police are barking up the wrong tree.
God bless you and your family
Christine ***
Hi Christine,
I visited the link you sent me but was not able to find a a picture of the man your talking about. The link takes me to the homepage of Sky News, do you have a specific link?
I'm almost certain after seeing a picture of this man I will be able to tell you.
Im fascinated by your predictions Brian and you give me hope that little Madeleine is still alive.
Have you anything more?
Hi Karen, yes I'm working on something right now.
Brian can you do another RV on this case, you have been right so many times in the past. I also remember Shawn Hornbeck's father asking your for help just days before Shawn was found. You were right then and so many other times in the past. Can you please help us find her????
Hi Christine,
I have spent hours on this case and have posted three RV's of exactly what I saw. Please remember that what I see in an RV is in black and white and images are not in motion...basically I get a slide show of what or when I want to see something.
I will do another RV, but there are over 50 pending public requests for me to help locate missing people...and many of them are children. Please understand this and why I will not be posting here until I get to them.Shawn Hornbeck Case
Here is alink with a picture of Robert Murat, The suspect in the Madeleine McCann case. Please do all that you can this baby needs her parents, she must be terrified. Thanks I think that you are amazing.
Hi, I do not think this this is the man I saw on the last RV.
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Missing Madeleine McCann psychic reading by Brian Ladd 2006 to 2018 new information posted page 17Madeline vanished on May 3, 2007, when her family, from Leicestershire, were holidaying in the Algarve, Portugal.
Parents Gerry and Kate left their three children – including toddler twins Sean and Amelie – sleeping in their apartment while they dined at a tapas bar - 120 meters away. When Kate returned to check on the kids at around 10pm that evening, she discovered that Maddie was not in her bed and was missing.

In September of that year, Gerry and Kate, both doctors, were sensationally named as ‘arguidos’ by Portuguese police. The following summer the McCanns were cleared by investigators in Portugal who declared they had exhausted all avenues in the case.

Madeleine McCann case opened 5.1.2018: I would like to take the credit for this but I can't. I will be in SOTHERN SPAIN as a guest of the Portuguese government. I deeply apologize to ALL law enforcement agencies in Spain, Portugal and the UK for what I said in the past. I also appreciate the opportunity to find out exactly what happened to Madeline McCann and that I was the FIRST AND ONLY outsider to be told about what was found on May 2nd, 2018 PDL beach search. There will be a live feed posted when I arrive if you wish to witness this MAJOR event visit: https://briansprediction.com/madeleine
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5441 h45 5.20.2007
Hi Brian,
I found your site through a post someone made on another board. Its great work that you do, and I am surprised I have not heard of you before! I have been remote viewing many years now, I set up a group with a friend called Wojo to do missing people cases and we got other viewers involved etc, but sadly he became ill and it never fully got off the ground. This is the first RV session I have done since my buddy departed.
To cut a long story short (I am always pressed for time too!). I did an RV this evening on Madeleine (front loaded as I knew what the target was, so not under protocol as the RV purists would say).
I have attatched parts of my session that may be of interest. But here is the summary: I believe she is being held by a man and a woman, the woman has dark long hair which is tied up, middle aged 50ish. I also feel she is very close by and is in a villa on a hilltop, the hill goes up then undulates down then back upwards again..and she is in a villa on the first part of the hill. The villa is on a strong diagonal road, meaning it slopes strongly upwards to the right of the villa. On the hill which is in 'line of site' with the villa is somekind of tall striped structure (or appears to be striped). I feel this may be a telephone mast. It is the nearest Landmark. I haven't been able to find any decent pictures on the net for feedback to help but will work on this tomorrow. I think she maybe in Luz or Lagos...Lagos matches my session closer.
I'm not really sure why I am contacting you but feel that you may be able to use this information somehow.
Fantastic work you do!
Kind regards,
Hi, thanks so much for doing this, will post it and hopefully she will be found soon.
Will also send you any information I can find out about your RV.
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